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The origins of TXGB

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You run a paddle boarding business in Devon. Or vineyard experiences in Kent. You have a boutique hotel in the Peak District. Or run foraging walks on the Yorkshire coast. Bookings are coming in, but you’re not sure how to grow your business further and optimise profits.

Or imagine you operate in another part of the market; you’re an online travel agent, tour operator or wholesaler, looking to increase your range of tourism products in a cost effective way. Perhaps instead you’re a travel-tech platform, struggling to connect data across industry partners, or maybe you’re a destination thinking about how you link your campaigns to bookings for you local partners.

The tourism sector is wide and diverse, with many fundamental challenges to growth. It is in understanding these constraints across the sector that Tourism Exchange GB (TXGB) was conceived in order to unlock the full potential of the UK tourism sector.

TXGB is a B2B platform which joins the dots, connecting all participants in the market in a unique way to drive growth and prosperity. In other words, it makes it easier for suppliers to get their product to the consumers they want to reach, and makes it easier for distributors to contract and connect tourism products. It helps travel-tech businesses fasttrack their product roadmap, and enables destinations to drive bookings and conduct smarter destination marketing.

VisitBritain is working in close partnership with TXGB as part of their five year strategy to grow the value of tourism, drive regional dispersal and support productivity optimisation.

It really is as simple as that. We are helping tourism businesses grow. We are helping distributors have access to a rich source of great products. We have provided a platform that is driving innovation in the TravelTech sector. We want every business and every destination in the tourism sector to benefit from this national infrastructure.

Working in partnership with your booking system to supercharge your distribution