TXGB + Day Out With The Kids

A powerhouse of 'Things To Do' inspiration.

DOWTK features over 8,000 attractions across the UK and connects with legions of families that trust in their brand motto: ‘Every Day Out Starts With Us’.

On their journey to becoming one of the largest and most reputable brands in the industry, the DOWTK website has helped over 11 million families annually to find that great day out.

From theme parks and farms, to water parks and zoos, Day Out With The Kids has everything covered.

Tried and trusted

Here are a few of the benefits of connecting to Day Out With The Kids:

  • Huge audience
    More than 35M website views in 2022 alone
  • Trusted reputation
    Over 84 percent customer trust compared to other 'day out' websites
  • Social reach
    Over ten million people reached monthly across all platforms
  • Curated content
    Over 100 pieces of up-to-date relevant content released every month

So let's get connected.

Over 84 percent of UK parents say they regularly use Day Out With The Kids for website inspiration.

  • Already connected?
  • Not connected?
  • Already connected?

    All you need to do is:

    01   Select ‘My Channels’ and click ‘Opt-In’

    02   Search For ‘Day Out With The Kids and click ‘View’

    03  Review the commission/terms and conditions and click ’opt-in’

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    If you already work with Day Out With The Kids via their membership platform, this is not an issue.
    The ticketing platform sits on the main DOWTK site – where reach typically tends to be 500 percent higher

  • Not connected?

    01  Firstly, you need to list your attraction on the DOWTK website.  Go here

    02  Type in the name of your listing and click ‘Can’t find it? List it now’. You’ll be asked to create a profile, in order for DOWTK to verify your account.

    03  Once you’ve completed all of your details, you’ll receive an email from DOWTK. Click ‘Activate Account Now’ to create your listing.

    04  Once your account has been approved by DOWTK, ownership of the new listing will sit with you. You’ll be able to write your attraction description, pricing, opening times and add images.

    05  Next, Log in to TXGB

    06  Select ‘My Channels’ and click ‘Opt In’

    07  Search For ‘Day Out With The Kids and click ‘View’

    08  Review the commission/terms and conditions and click ‘Opt-in’


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