TXGB + Destination Core

Together we're stronger

By connecting to TXGB via Destination Core you can share live availability and prices across multiple sales channels to drive sales and increase profitability. Trying new channels and reaching new customers has never been easier.

DestinationCore is a digital market provider that specialises in websites for DMO’s and other business including leisure and retail destinations.

Tried and trusted

Here are a few of the benefits of connecting to Destination Core:

  • Convenient
    With easy automation of tasks, you can spend more time driving your business forward
  • Data driven
    Drive knowledge and decision making with access to comprehensive analysis and benchmarking tools
  • No obligation
    The DestinationCore Team will give free product demos to show you how the software can work with your requriements
  • Flexible
    With a full range of packages you have the option to choose tailored modules

TXGB is simple and fair, with no upfront fees

Connect your booking system to drive sales – pay when you take a booking.