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One year on

year on

A year older, a year wiser and a step closer to truly transforming the UK tourism sector, but there is much left to do and we need to work together now more than ever.

As the title suggests I started writing this report in late February with TXGB (or the “Platform” as it was known back in March 2019) approaching it’s first birthday. Right now February is a distant memory, and the world looks very different.

In the interlude we’ve all had to make some tough decisions, and nobody can say we’re “out of the woods” just yet, with the impact of COVID-19 still being felt in all corners of the UK.

What went before seems like a lifetime ago.

Last year we made some hard things happen, and battling through these last 6 months our team has rallied together and made sure we came out of lockdown with clear purpose, and the spirit to make a difference.

Now, more than ever before, tourism businesses must be digitally enabled and have an omnichannel outlook to distribution. It is through diversity of distribution they can survive and thrive in a world that requires super-agility.

We must enable distribution channels of all shapes and sizes to reconnect with suppliers, in a simple and easy way, and with confidence. Confidence that they understand safety guidelines, which is why we have worked closely with our partners at VisitBritain to integrate the “Good to Go” standard into our platform immediately.

Distribution is one area we can see the potential for real innovation that is enabled by TXGB. Our platform provides critical infrastructure to those wishing to set up a distribution channel, giving swift and easy access to supply and an eCommerce infrastructure to manage the flow of payments in a secure, reliable and streamlined way.

Beyond this destination marketing must work in harmony with industry. To both generate and control demand, as we look to reboot the economy in the most responsible, efficient and effective way. We want consumers to experience everything a destination has to offer, but we must also make sure the destination can cope with demand, controlling flow in order to avoid negative headlines that are damaging to the reputation of tourism.

TXGB enables destinations to conduct smarter marketing campaigns. To manage them in real time and to embed calls to action that optimise commission costs for suppliers, while improving cash flow, data sharing and all round productivity. Key issues that suppliers have been calling on the UK Government to help with - TXGB represents real potential for progress in this area and our team are going double-down on increasing the number of destinations using TXGB.

In fact we think destinations have a critical role to play in reviving tourism, on a local basis. That’s why we have taken the decision to donate our booking fee to DMOs using TXGB to launch a Destination Recovery Campaign, for a limited period. Nobody is better placed to give back to the local community and find the right way to put additional funding to good use.

At TXGB we are passionate about the issues above. We are creating a better market that increases the volume, value and dispersal of tourism in a sustainable and responsible way. A way that encourages diversity of distribution and inclusivity in destination led campaigns - so businesses of all shapes and sizes work together in harmony with frictionless trade.

So today, as we look back at the year (or so) that has gone, and look forward to the year ahead we have launched this blog. Our intention is to share with our audience, in all parts of the sector, the things we’re doing to drive innovation and growth in the UK tourism sector.