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    • What is TXGB?

      Tourism Exchange Great Britain (TXGB) is a business-to-business digital platform, connecting tourism suppliers in the UK and Northern Ireland to distributors around the world.

      In partnership with Visit England/Visit Britain, Visit Wales and Tourism Northern Ireland, it brings together tourism businesses to drive sales and boost productivity by connecting the market in a new and unique way, enabling distributors to tap into a huge range of UK and NI tourism products.

    • What's a supplier?

      Any tourism business within Great Britain, or any business in Great Britain that wants to sell its products or services through the global tourism distribution landscape. This includes accommodation, tours, attractions, experiences and transport (for example, Britrail tickets).

    • What’s a distributor?

      A distributor is an online booking site that allows consumers to find and book tourism products and services. These sites include Online Travel Agents such as and Expedia. In the case of TXGB it can also include Destination Management Organisation (DMO) websites.

    • How does TXGB work?

      TXGB is a digital platform that links live content and availability uploaded by a supplier into a booking system (or into TxLoad) and feeds it into a global network of distributor systems, where consumer bookings take place.

      Suppliers can manage their availability, pricing and bookings, and distributors have access to a huge range of UK and NI tourism products, which they can then sell on to the consumer.

    • What makes TXGB different?

      The key elements that make TXGB different are:

      • Connectivity between supplier booking systems and multiple global distributors.
      • Access to a wide range of analytical data.
      • The ability for distributors to run campaigns that pull together specific product groups.
      • Multiple distributors; from local UK businesses and DMOs to global OTAs.
    • How is currency converted with TXGB?

      TXGB doesn’t convert currency. All rates are loaded in GBP and suppliers are paid in GBP. Distributor systems may sell in foreign currency but this won’t affect the GBP payment received by the supplier.

      If a supplier uses TXGB to create booking pages on their own website, we use a service called ‘currency layer’ to give an indicative conversion.

    • Does TXGB handle restaurant or airline bookings?

      No, restaurant tables and airline tickets are not bookable through TXGB.

    • Do I need certain software or a particular browser to use TXGB?

      No, TXGB is compatible with the most commonly used browsers and operating systems.

    • What advice and support is available?

      Our helpdesk provides connection and dashboard advice and support by phone or email.

      For support please contact or call 0330 223 5050.

    • Do I have to commit to a certain amount of time on TXGB?

      No, there’s no minimum time period.

    • What happens if I change my mind and want to come off TXGB?

      Just get in touch by emailing or calling 0330 223 5050 and ask us to close your account.

    • What happens if a distributor changes their terms and conditions?

      If a distributor makes a change to their terms and conditions, all suppliers linked to that distributor will receive an email notification alerting them to the change, prior to being disconnected from that distributor. Suppliers will then need to reconnect by opting in to the distributor’s revised terms and conditions.

  • Suppliers
    • Why should I connect to TXGB, rather than working directly with distributors?

      You can just go direct to the distributors, however TXGB allows you to access a global network of distributors in one place at the click of a button. By connecting to TXGB you can manage your availability, pricing, bookings and content across multiple distribution channels, and also access a wide range of analytical data.

      For SMEs, getting distributed via some of the larger, or niche distributors can be a daunting task. TXGB offers all the benefits as outlined above, in an accessible way for businesses of all sizes.

    • What’s the difference between TXGB and a channel manager?

      A channel manager usually syncs bookings and availability, and won’t normally have the same capability as TXGB to pull across content to distributor systems.

      Channel managers also usually only link to ‘on account’ distributors, rather than to direct booking websites to which TXGB also connects.

    • How much does it cost to use?

      TXGB operates on a simple commission model. Suppliers load gross rates. Suppliers then pay a 2.5% plus VAT booking fee to TXGB for each TXGB originated online booking, and commission to distributors as agreed when you opt into their channels. Distributor commission is clearly displayed prior to opt-in and the 2.5% plus VAT booking fee is only paid out when a TXGB originated online booking takes place, not before. There’s no cost to register.

    • What is the 2.50% plus VAT booking fee used for?

      The booking fee is paid directly to TXGB and used for the ongoing running, maintenance and development of the platform.

    • What size business is TXGB designed for?

      TXGB has been designed to support every tourism business, from the tiniest holiday house up to the biggest attractions in the country.

    • What if I don’t have my own website?

      You don’t need a website to link to TXGB but we strongly suggest that you have one. Your website is a really important marketing tool – where consumers will go to look, and often book. You can create booking pages for your own website from the TXGB platform, once you’ve bought a domain name and done some basic website design.

    • What if I don’t have a booking system?

      If you don’t have your own booking system, we can still get you up and running on the part of the system called TxLoad. This allows you to load up your availability and prices manually.

      We recommend that you sign up for a booking system further down the line, but if you don’t have one yet, then TxLoad is a good starting point.

    • I have a booking system but it’s not showing as connected to TXGB – what should I do?

      If your booking system hasn’t been connected to TXGB yet, you can use TxLoad to get connected. As soon as your booking system is connected you’ll be able to switch over to the connected booking system connection.

    • What is TxLoad?

      TxLoad is part of TXGB, designed for suppliers who don’t have a booking system. It allows you to enter your prices, availability and content manually into TXGB. If you also take offline bookings for your tourism product, you just need to remember to update the inventory on TxLoad, as this change wouldn’t be automatically recorded in the system.

    • How do I get payment for bookings through TXGB?

      For bookings made via a direct booking website the money goes straight into your account. Distributor commissions and booking fees are automatically settled by TXGB in the following month.

      For bookings through online travel agent (OTA) websites, which use ‘on account’ payment, you’ll receive your money according to their individual processes. TXGB will send you an email reminding you of the booking and the need to collect payment from the OTA or agent.

    • How does TXGB handle group travel, for example, booking a group of 50 on a tour?

      The TXGB booking pages allow multiple tickets to be booked at once, but will only allow a user to book what’s available in a supplier’s booking system.

      There’s a limit of 20 tickets per category that can be booked through the MyWebsite booking pages provided by TXGB, for example, 20 x adult/child/concession (total 60 tickets).

    • What information do I need to connect to TXGB?

      Rates and availability for products will be automatically loaded to TXGB from your connected booking system once your account is active. Depending on your booking system, some content may also flow through automatically. Any other content can be loaded through the dashboard, such as business description, product description, photographs, geocode information, booking terms and conditions of use.

      If you don’t have a booking system, or your booking system isn’t yet connected to TXGB then this information will need to be loaded manually into TxLoad.

    • Can I set up different levels of access for different users within my business?


    • I’m already on one or more of these distributors (or a booking system that feeds into them). What now?

      You can continue with your existing distributor and only opt into any additional, unique distributor channels via TXGB. Alternatively, you can choose to stop working with that distributor directly, and go via TXGB instead.

    • I already work with a channel management system (for example, Siteminder). Can TXGB link up to that?

      Yes. Any booking system/channel manager can request to integrate with TXGB as a connected booking system, so that their suppliers can connect.

    • Why should I get connected now?

      The sooner you get connected, the sooner you’ll have access to an ever-growing range of UK and NI tourism products.

    • The system links into live allocation – at what point does that cut off?

      Live allocation is usually controlled via your own connected booking system, but you can also separately control the cut-off time for bookings before arrival for TXGB bookings. For example, you can choose to cut off bookings 24 hours before the check-in time.

    • What documentation/confirmation is provided? For example, vouchers, reservation numbers. How do I know what to accept?

      The booking will be entered into your connected booking system, which will be the main record.

      In most cases, the booking system will then issue its own booking confirmation email, but depending on the distributor channel, TXGB may also send a booking notification to the consumer and to you.

      For OTA distributor bookings (for example,, the consumer will receive their normal confirmation from the distributor.

    • What if there’s a no-show?

      For bookings via direct distributor channels, you’ll already have received payment in full at the time of booking, so there’s nothing more you need to do.

      For Online Travel Agent/On Account bookings, no-shows are handled in accordance with the individual distributor’s normal terms and conditions.

    • Who sets the cancellation policy?

      You set your own cancellation policy within the booking terms entered via your dashboard or booking system, which are applied to all direct bookings. The consumer must agree to these terms before being able to confirm the booking.

      For Online Travel Agent distributor bookings, the cancellation policy is set as part of the registration/setup with the specific Online Travel Agent.

    • What do I get back if the customer cancels?

      For bookings through direct distributor channels, you’ll already have received payment in full at the time of booking. You may process a full or part refund, or no refund at all, depending on your defined booking terms.

      For bookings via Online Travel Agent Distributor channels, the funds received for a cancelled booking are as per the cancellation policy you defined when signing up.

    • Can I be 'on request' rather than tapping into live inventory?

      Yes – this is an option on the TXGB dashboard. It will reduce your reach and consumer appeal, but it’s an option you can use.

  • Distributors
    • Why should I get connected now?

      TXGB are working in partnership with Visit England, Visit Wales and Tourism Northern Ireland – so the sooner you get connected as a distributor, the sooner you will have access to an ever growing range of tourism products in Britain and Northern Ireland.

    • Can any supplier connect, or is there some quality control?

      Any supplier with product in the UK and NI can sign-up to TXGB. All suppliers who sign up agree that their product complies with all relevant laws, regulations and legally required standards, and all regulatory guidelines and Industry Codes of Conduct in relation to the promotion and sale of tourism products.

      Any supplier who has signed up can opt in to your distribution channel by agreeing to your terms and conditions. The system works off live data so all information is accurate and there’s an option for you to approve suppliers before they go live in your system. If required, you can also block a supplier that doesn’t meet your criteria.

    • What’s the difference between joining with an API or using TXGB’s white label tools?

      It’s free to use TXGB’s white label tools. Key features of connecting using these white label tools include:

      • Minimal development work required.
      • Fixed user experience.
      • Direct payment only.

      The key features of connecting with TXGB through an API are:

      • Build your own user experience.
      • Work with ‘on request’ suppliers.
      • Supplier direct or ‘on account’ payment. There will be some development costs to set up the API and these are dependent on requirements.
    • What is TXGB’s eXchange API?

      It’s the name for the TXGB toolkit of APIs made available to distributors to connect their systems to supplier booking systems.

    • How does TXGB handle group travel, for example, booking a group of 50 on a tour?

      The TXGB booking pages allow multiple tickets to be booked at once, but will only allow a user to book what’s available in a supplier’s booking system.

      There’s a limit of 20 tickets per category that can be booked through the MyWebsite booking pages provided by TXGB, for example, 20 x adult/child/concession (total 60 tickets).

    • I already have some of these products for sale on my own website – how do I avoid duplication?

      Only one connection can be made between a supplier and a distributor. This is controlled via the supplier’s connected booking system/ channel manager or via the TXGB dashboard. For a direct distributor, the distributor can block a supplier via their dashboard if required, and/or liaise with the supplier to choose their connection type according to the distributor’s own policies and procedures.

    • What’s a campaign and how does it work?

      By creating campaigns within the distributor dashboard, distributors can define and manage the products offered to consumers for use in marketing initiatives. These campaigns are typically developed to promote tourism/bookings within the distributor’s destination. Distributors can create a marketing campaign that includes a ‘landing page’ where chosen suppliers can be presented in a dynamic list to consumers. The distributor can define which suppliers can participate and/or the exact requirements they need to meet to qualify. The landing page then links to a booking page URL where consumers can place online bookings.

    • How can I use the platform to distribute my products as a supplier?

      If you have a booking system that acts as an aggregator to the market and would like to distribute your products through TXGB please contact us for more details.

  • Destinations
    • How does TXGB work for Destination Management Organisations?

      Selling the destination is a key success factor in selling products, so destinations can use TXGB to become a distributor. This will allow you to market all of the products within your destination and benefit from the analytical data and campaign tools that TXGB provides. However, this needs to be done in line with Package Travel Regulations (PTR), which is currently at your own risk.

      But before any sales can take place, we need to ensure the product is available on the platform. We’ll be working closely with suppliers to get their products registered, so please encourage your local businesses to get involved. Details on the benefits to suppliers are listed in the ‘suppliers’ section of the website.

    • How does this work with the Package Travel Regulations?

      At present DMOs and DEF projects who connect to TXGB as a distributor selling multiple products will need to ensure they’re PTR compliant and have the appropriate bond and legal cover in place.

    • Do we need to charge a commission?

      No. You don’t need to, but you can if you want, to help support your marketing activity. Alternatively you may want to use TXGB as a method for showcasing bookable product in your destination with no commission taken.

    • How can campaigns work for me?

      If you’re PTR compliant, you’ll be able to run campaigns through TXGB. For example, for your destination, you could group all garden products together and apply a price discount, or just use as promotional grouping. Similarly, if you were promoting a touring route, TXGB allows you to pull together all product within a set distance of that route for example, two miles either side of a certain plotted path. There are lots of exciting possibilities to really bring your destination to life.

      For other questions please browse the distributor FAQ section.

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