Suppliers, pay nothing until you get bookings

It’s simple. As a Supplier pay nothing until you get an online booking.

Simple and fair

Our pricing is designed to help suppliers to test and learn, to try new channels
and only pay when they are getting results.

SupplierDistributorDestinationTravel tech
Monthly charge£POA£POA£POA£POA
Booking fee2.5% + VATCharged to supplierCharged to supplierCharged to supplier
Distributor commission*Avg. 0%-15%Your fee, your choiceYour fee, your choiceCharged to supplier
*Stripe fees apply with direct payment distributors

Understanding the 
distribution options.

Any supplier (tourism business) connected to TXGB can opt into as many distributors as they like. However you have a choice of two different types of distributors to consider when making a connection as this affects how you are paid.

  • 01 Direct distributor

    You will receive a direct payment from the consumer at the point of booking. You are also able to set up your own terms and conditions.

  • 02 On account distributor

    The consumer pays the distributor who will in turn pay you. The terms and conditions are determined by the the On account distributor.

Payments and invoices comparison.

On accountDirect
PaymentMade by the consumer to the distributor and the distributor will pay the providerMade directly from consumer to the provider, at the point of booking
Booking terms and conditionsLikely to be defined by the distributor.Provider’s own terms & conditions and taken from provider’s booking system (or added directly to TXGB)
Distributor commission feeDefined and paid as per your agreement with each distributor. Commission amounts are defined in TXGB dashboard, Collected by direct debit and paid forward to distributor by TXGB.
TXGB Booking fees2.5% + VAT per booking. Collected monthly by direct debit2.5% + VAT per booking. Collected monthly by direct debit
Secure payment handlingAs per distributor’s processesSecurely handled by Stripe. Transaction fee taken from payment at point of booking. See here for fee
Payment of feesTXGB will issue an invoice on a monthly basis to each provider (an itemised breakdown can be viewed on the TXGB dashboard). This invoice will include TXGB Booking fee for all bookings and distributor fees on behalf of direct payment distributors. Direct Debit will be taken on the 16th of each month for bookings made in the previous month
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