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Convert interest into sales by making your local tourism products and marketing campaigns digitally enabled. Use our simple integration and white label tools to make your region’s accommodation, activities, attractions and experiences directly bookable.

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Use data to power your growth

By becoming a distributor with TXGB, you’ll benefit from live pricing, availability, campaign tools and unique analytical data. Destinations like yours can use real-time data to power long term strategy, continuously improve campaigns and fully understand the economic impact of work.

Digitally enable your destination.

Help your local partners expand their distribution potential and become bookable on their own websites as well your destination site. With our free inventory loading tool, TXLoad, there is no upfront cost or monthly fees and partners can manage the manual bookings they receive directly.

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Still got questions?

Here are some off the top ones we get asked.
  • How does TXGB work for destination management organisations?

    Selling the destination is a key success factor in selling products, so destinations can use TXGB to become a distributor. This will allow you to market all of the products within your destination and benefit from the analytical data and campaign tools that TXGB provides. However, this needs to be done in line with Package Travel Regulations (PTR), which is currently at your own risk.

    But before any sales can take place, we need to ensure the product is available on the platform. We’ll be working closely with suppliers to get their products registered, so please encourage your local businesses to get involved. Details on the benefits to suppliers are listed in the ‘suppliers’ section of the website.

  • How does this work with the Package Travel Regulations?

    At present DMOs and DEF projects who connect to TXGB as a distributor selling multiple products will need to ensure they’re PTR compliant and have the appropriate bond and legal cover in place.

  • Do we need to charge a commission?

    No. You don’t need to, but you can if you want, to help support your marketing activity. Alternatively you may want to use TXGB as a method for showcasing bookable product in your destination with no commission taken.

  • How can campaigns work for me?

    If you’re PTR compliant, you’ll be able to run campaigns through TXGB. For example, for your destination, you could group all garden products together and apply a price discount, or just use as promotional grouping. Similarly, if you were promoting a touring route, TXGB allows you to pull together all product within a set distance of that route for example, two miles either side of a certain plotted path. There are lots of exciting possibilities to really bring your destination to life.

    For other questions please browse the distributor FAQ section.

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