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Power up your booking system

We connect a huge and diverse range of booking systems to an equally wide range of distribution channels – from those in hard-to-reach markets to special niches, plus over 100 destination websites. You and your suppliers will begin benefitting straight away from your connection to TXGB.

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Get ready to grow

TXGB gives you everything you need to expand.
  • Book Now Buttons
    Our ‘Book Now Button’ allows you to quickly and easily embed a customisable button into your website.
  • Search Boxes
    With the use of the search boxes you can embed search forms on your website.
  • Rate Grids
    Quickly and easily embed a customisable calendar style availability display into your website.
  • Booking Pages
    These pages allow for you to display all of your products on your website by using our white label solution.
  • WordPress Plugin
    Simply pull through all providers that are working with your distribution channel, these can be styled as you see fit.
  • Search and Book API
    Embed the searching of availability and pricing directly into your website or technology system to create a truly immersive experience for consumers.

Target new markets and increase your reach.

Accelerate your product roadmap and consolidate your connectivity. An API connection to TXGB will enable your users to reach new and larger marketplaces. TXGB enables connection to both the accommodation and ‘things to do’ sectors, via one API – making it easier than ever before be part of our mission to make Britain bookable.

Enhance not replace.

We’re not a replacement for your existing system – we provide an enhanced service for suppliers with richer content and analytics, by bringing together a wide range of distributors and booking systems in one place.

Great news for your suppliers

Connect to us to allow your suppliers to target new markets and customer groups, growing their bookings via our greater reach and pass on to your suppliers the unrivalled benefits.

All the distributors you’ve ever wanted

Your suppliers will be able to access a wide range of domestic and international distributors, from well known OTA’s, to over 100 destination websites and numerous niche distributors, including:

Still got questions?

Here are some of the top ones we get asked.
  • How much does it cost to connect with TXGB?

    As a Connected Technology Partner there are no costs involved from TXGB, the only costs to connect with us is time and resource.

  • Do you have API documentation?

    We certainly do. Request access

  • Will our channel manager work with TXGB?

    To see a list of our current channel managers.

    But we’re always working on adding more connections, so if you don’t see yours listed please feel free to reach out to our team for a conversation.

  • I don’t see my booking system listed, is it possible to connect with TXGB another way?

    We’re always working on new connections and would be happy to discuss these with you, especially if your current system isn’t listed. We’d also suggest that you advise your current booking system provider of your interest in working with TXGB and whether they’d be interested in a partnership with us.

  • I want to work with TXGB but don’t have the resource to connect, what can I do?

    TXGB is a two way street in regards to connections – we’re continually building outbound connections as well as integrating connections from third parties to us. If you’re interested in how this could benefit you, please contact us for an informal conversation about the possibilities.

  • Talk to us.

    Got a question? you can chat online, or 
call us 0330 223 5050 we’re open 24/4

  • Get signed up.

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