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Here are just a few of our frequently asked questions.
  • How much does it cost to use?

    TXGB operates on a simple commission model. Suppliers load gross rates. Suppliers then pay a 2.5% plus VAT booking fee to TXGB for each TXGB originated online booking, and commission to distributors as agreed when you opt into their channels. Distributor commission is clearly displayed prior to opt-in and the 2.5% plus VAT booking fee is only paid out when a TXGB originated online booking takes place, not before. There’s no cost to register.

  • What if I don't have my own website?

    You don’t need a website to link to TXGB but we strongly suggest that you have one. Your website is a really important marketing tool – where consumers will go to look, and often book. You can create booking pages for your own website from the TXGB platform, once you’ve bought a domain name and done some basic website design.

  • What is TXLoad?

    TxLoad is part of TXGB, designed for suppliers who don’t have a booking system. It allows you to enter your prices, availability and content manually into TXGB. If you also take offline bookings for your tourism product, you just need to remember to update the inventory on TxLoad, as this change wouldn’t be automatically recorded in the system.

  • Who sets the cancellation policy?

    You set your own cancellation policy within the booking terms entered via your dashboard or booking system, which are applied to all direct bookings. The consumer must agree to these terms before being able to confirm the booking.

    For Online Travel Agent distributor bookings, the cancellation policy is set as part of the registration/setup with the specific Online Travel Agent.

  • How do I get payment for bookings through TXGB?

    For bookings made via a direct booking website the money goes straight into your account. Distributor commissions and booking fees are automatically settled by TXGB in the following month.

    For bookings through online travel agent (OTA) websites, which use ‘on account’ payment, you’ll receive your money according to their individual processes. TXGB will send you an email reminding you of the booking and the need to collect payment from the OTA or agent.

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