Boost your sales – Airbnb have connected to TXGB

Sunday April 24, 2022

Boost your accommodation sales through Airbnb

We’re delighted to announce Airbnb is now connected as a new distribution channel, alongside other similar channels, such as, Expedia and Ctrip.

In addition to generating bookings via Airbnb, you can also reach new customers and drive sales through other channels, such as your local destination website all in one place on our platform.

As an open, neutral platform we welcome channels of all shapes and sizes. Alongside global brands like Airbnb we’ve helped establish over 85 niche distributors and power national campaigns, such as VisitEngland’s Escape the Everyday campaign.

Follow these four simple steps to selling your business on Airbnb:

  1. Use your existing connection to TXGB, or sign up as a new supplier
  2. Use your existing Airbnb account or create a new account and opt into Airbnb via your distributors on the TXGB dashboard
  3. Authorise the connection (similar to how you would link Paypal to eBay for example)
  4. Complete the Airbnb information grid with a few basic details about your business such as how many max nights, if there is a fee for linens, cleaning, etc.

You’re now ready to take bookings! Join our mission to make Britain bookable.

Contact the TXGB team for more information.
0330 223 5050