Great West Way

This historic travel route is bringing together businesses and new customers.

Great West Way is a touring route between London and Bristol based on ancient thoroughfares, comprising around navigable 500 miles. Along the way, travellers can explore everything from outdoor adventures to luxury accommodation and other unique experiences. The Great West Way’s ‘multi-modal’ nature means that different sections can be traversed by rail, road, water, bike or on foot. In order to continue to grow the regional visitor economy, it was important to attract new audiences to take in this curated collection of exquisitely English experiences.

By connecting to TXGB, Great West Way was able to offer its network of ambassadors an additional route to market. The decision also opened up access to several new marketing channels.




This connection enables our ambassadors to offer more, via TXGB as well as VisitEngland’s ‘Escape the Everyday’ campaign. It also give us the opportunity of exploring the potential for increasing bookings from our network of 100 official tour operators.


Fiona Errington
Head of Marketing



Unlocking possibilities.

The Great West Way provides a unique experience to every traveller, with access to the best attractions, experiences and accommodations along its routes.

And thanks to TXGB, these businesses are able to connect with new audiences.

Inspiring links are being built between travellers, curators and businesses, via a simple technological connection.