RHS Gardens

RHS Gardens welcome thousands of visitors each year at their five main locations and at more than 200 partner gardens.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is a registered charity and the UK’s foremost gardening organisation, with roots stretching back more than two centuries. Its ongoing aims include inspiring millions to become interested in gardening and achieving net positive for nature status within the next decade. There are five main RHS gardens in Britain, situated in locations from North Yorkshire to Devon, welcoming thousands of visitors each year. More than 200 partner gardens in the UK and overseas offer free entry to RHS members at various times of the year.

RHS had spent time investigating which platform would be best to support their tourism distribution partners, domestically and internationally. With each of the five RHS gardens requiring a slightly different approach, the flexibility of TXGB enables the loading of a range of unique products, plus connections with the relevant distribution channels.



The support from the TXGB team has been amazing. We see this supporting both RHS Gardens’ short term yield and long term growth objectives.


Melissa Hackney
RHS Group Marketing Manager



Growing awareness

Thanks to the versatility and effectiveness of TXGB’s technology, the RHS can better promote and distribute unique products and events at their locations.

This new functionality is instrumental in raising awareness of the RHS’s work and its gardens among new B2B and B2C audiences.