Vine Hotel Group

Initially inspired by the opportunities provided by the 2021 Rugby League World Cup, Vine Hotel Group is reaping the benefits of connecting to TXGB. 

The UK based group specialise in hotel management and development, with a clear focus on profitability without compromising standards. Which is why they grasped the chance to have their accommodation directly bookable on multiple destination websites. Joining with TXGB also enabled Vine hotels to be featured on the RLWC2021 Squad Trips website. Via, family and friend groups can book official match tickets, accommodation and experiences all in one place. But the exciting possibilities provided by a major sporting event were just the start for the Vine Group. A single connection with TXGB for seven of their hotels, opened over 35 new distribution channels for the entire organisation.



We’re delighted to have connected to TXGB, as the platform opens up our group to lots of new opportunities, including the 2021 Rugby League World Cup. In addition, it has enabled exciting partnerships with niche distributors like Cool Places and Away with the Kids, to mention just a couple.


Liz Wood
Group Sales and Marketing Manager




Power of connectivity

For those hotels whose incumbent technology doesn’t yet connect to TXGB, the functionality of its feature TXLoad has proved invaluable. TXLoad is an inventory loading tool that enables hotels to connect even if they don’t have their own dedicated booking system. This means even more Vine Group hotels can be featured in niche distribution avenues previously unavailable.

And in addition to RLWC2021 Squad Trips, further channels Vine Group Hotels opted in to include:

  • Marketing Sheffield
  • Marketing Manchester
  • Marketing Peak District and Derbyshire
  • Visit Coventry

By facilitating a growing network of channels that support Vine Hotel Group’s longer term growth plans, TXGB is contributing to their exciting future.