New website, new era for TXGB

Tuesday June 28, 2022
TXGB new website

Since launching in 2019, our story is one of continual improvement.

After all, the TXGB vision is an ambitious one. Achieving unprecedented levels of connectivity across a complex and fragmented industry landscape takes time.  But we’ve made great strides and now we’ve got a shiny new website that better reflects how far we’ve come and, most importantly, talks to the people that have been most pivotal in TXGB’s success: the amazing UK tourism sector.

We fully acknowledge that our previous ‘shop window’ was not tailored enough to make clear the benefits of the technology to suppliers, destinations, distributors and technology partners. So we’ve restructured the content to better serve specific segment needs. At the same time streamlining it to create a sense of the industry operating as one central marketplace. The very ethos that the TXGB model is built around.

Continual progress

This latest iteration of is by no means the finished article – there will always be room for improvement in a fast paced, digital world – but it has and will continue to be a labour of love. Not least because it’s allowed the team to take stock a little and truly appreciate the progress made in just three short years and amid a global pandemic that impacted our industry – almost beyond measure.

But, as the sector’s recovery takes off, the need for TXGB has never been greater and we’re doing everything we can to ensure the platform’s primed to help all types of tourism businesses optimise this critical turning point. Importantly, using the website to showcase all the amazing success stories that TXGB has helped to shape.

Limitless opportunities

It’s our hope that by sharing case studies, best practice and insight from tourism businesses, distributors and technology partners alike, we can demonstrate exactly what’s possible when this central marketplace takes off on an even greater scale. Understanding how hundreds of users are already leveraging TXGBs behind the scenes technology to drive sales, boost profitability and take more niche, more exciting, more diverse tourism products to new  audiences via untapped sales channels and distribution options. The opportunities are limitless and we can’t wait to get more businesses onboard and part of an exciting new era for the entire TXGB community.

In the meantime, if you’re already connected to the platform and have your own success story to share, we’d be thrilled to feature you on the website. In the spirit of inspiring our industry peers and carving out a better way forward, feel free to share any interesting user scenarios, comments and observations by emailing us at

Let’s see what we can learn from each other.