TXGB Partnership


Airbnb’s distribution channel enables accommodation providers like you to reach new customers and drive bookings. We’re proud to provide an exclusive connection to this global brand alongside other recognised leading organisations and over 85 niche distributors.

To get started selling via Airbnb, simply use your existing connection to TXGB (or sign up as a new supplier), then opt into the Airbnb channel via your dashboard. Once you’ve authorised the connection (similar to how you would link Paypal to eBay for example) and added important information such maximum nights stay-able, cleaning fees and so on, you’re ready to go.

Tried and trusted

Here are a few of the benefits of connecting to TXGB through Airbnb
  • Recognition
    Trust authority of globally recognised brand
  • Easy connection
    Connect via your existing Airbnb account, or simply create a new one
  • Enhanced reach
    Sell via other channels such as local destination websites
  • Bespoke listings
    Easily tailor information about your property via your dashboard
  • Reduce admin
    Manage Airbnb (and other OTAs) from a single, user-friendly dashboard
  • Increase reach
    Connect with a worldwide audience thanks to a global brand presence

Simple and fair, with no upfront fees

You only pay when you get those all-important online bookings.