TXGB + Away with the Kids

Together we're stronger

Away with the Kids launched in 2009, creating a diverse and select portfolio of genuinely child friendly, adult focussed holiday accommodation.

Their portfolio includes cosy cottages, luxury hotels, glamping and camping sites, as well as quirky places to stay – all offering excellent facilities and a welcoming smile to families arriving in various states of stress or zen.

The site enjoys terrific rankings across the board – including destination, accommodation type and family holiday keyword searches.

Accommodation is listed on invite or approval only – Away with the Kids’ small team are keen travellers with children of their own and they know what their audience expects.

They visit businesses before listing, so they know the owners they work with and the places that they represent.

Tried and trusted

Here are a few of the benefits of connecting to Away with the Kids:

  • Website traffic
    Over 21,000 unique website visitors per week
  • Social media
    Large and engaged social media community
  • Drive bookings
    Late availability listings included
  • Content opportunities
    Regular blog featuring travel tips and regional focuses

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