TXGB + Bidnstay

Together we're stronger

Bidnstay has the simple mission to ‘connect the right accommodation to the right guests’, increasing occupancy and revenue for hosts while delivering the best deals for customers. 

Headed by a team with several decades of combined entrepreneurial experience, Bidnstay works by allowing users to ‘bid’ on a silent reserve set by hosts and – if successful – to ‘win’ the stay at a price both parties deem to be fair.

Pioneering auction technology.

This pioneering auction technology benefits both hosts and guests, with business owners in full control of their percentage price reduction and customers able to browse and place bids at their discretion.

With a stated growth strategy of onboarding an additional 5,000 accommodation providers in the next year, Bidnstay is aiming to become the ‘go to’ platform for last-minute bookings.

The connection to TXGB enables them to keep costs down, tap into a growing network of viable businesses and empower hosts to manage their own listings, driving increased occupancy levels and revenue.

Tried and trusted

Here are a few of the benefits of connecting to Bidnstay:

  • Trusted partner scheme
    Extra guarantee of quality and reliability for customers.
  • Reach
    Further niche opportunities on linked sites including 'Cyclenstay' and 'Hikenstay'.
  • Low-cost subscription model
    Enables hosts to remain competitive and drive inventory.
  • Ideal for cancellations
    Enables hosts to swiftly fill these openings due to cancellations while maintaining control over revenue.

So let's get connected.

If you run a hotel, B&B, campsites or holiday let, it’s easy to opt-in to Bidnstay’s auction site to sell last minute availability at a set, silent reserve rate you control.

Get connected by following the simple steps below.

  • Already connected?
  • Not connected?
  • Already connected?

    All you need to do is:

    01  Log in to your TXGB dashboard, select ‘My Channels’ and click ‘opt-in’

    02  Search for Bidnstay and click ‘view’

    03  Review the commission/terms and conditions

    04  Bidnstay will contact you to work with you to get your profile live on their website

    Sign in


  • Not connected?

    Simply click the ‘Get started’ button above and complete the two-minute form.

    Connect your current booking technology, or set up a free-of-charge TXLoad account and then follow the steps outlined in the previous tab.

TXGB is simple and fair, with no upfront fees

Connect your booking system to drive sales – pay when you take a booking.