TXGB + GemaPark

Together we're stronger

GemaPark is a cloud-based park management and booking system, designed to improve efficiency by applying user-friendly technology to improve customer bookings, price management, invoicing, analysis and reporting.

From campsites to caravan parks, GemaPark has been making life easier for operators for over a decade, continually developing systems and adding features to make the booking experience easier and remove unnecessary admin and task duplication.

Tried and trusted

Here are a few of the benefits of connecting to GemaPark:

  • Stock management
    Detailed inventory of all homes in stock, moved to different locations or sold to different owners.
  • Easy booking management
    Visible history of payments, communications and other interactions with customers.
  • Integration
    GemaPark customers can now sell properties via third-party websites.
  • Multi-function
    Easily manage bookings, activities, properties and customers via one system.

TXGB is simple and fair, with no upfront fees

Connect your booking system to drive sales – pay when you take a booking.