TXGB + The Malverns

Together we're stronger

Visit The Malverns features listings of local tourism businesses, with a dedicated ‘Accommodation Finder’ for hotels, self-catering, B&Bs and campsites.

Non-accommodation operators are listed under ‘Things To Do’, including attractions, cycling, walking, retail, nearby towns, leisure and health.

Tried and trusted

Here are a few of the benefits of connecting to The Malverns

  • Clearly defined
    Geographical remit around Worcester and the Malverns
  • Detailed
    Categorised listings with contact details and website backlink
  • Comprehensive
    Dedicated Accommodation Finder with search function and map
  • Engaged
    Highly active on social media with around 18,000 total followers

TXGB is simple and fair, with no upfront fees

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