Coventry Transport Museum

As their strapline ‘Driving Curiosity’ suggests, Coventry Transport Museum is a destination for those intrigued by innovation and history.

Home to the largest publicly owned collection of British vehicles in the world, this attraction has hosted thousands of visitors every year since the 1980s. But to help meet the challenges of reaching new, diverse audiences and safely welcoming people back after lockdown, they sought the support of TXGB. Having been developed in partnership with VisitEngland, the platform provided the reassurance of a recognised major brand in the tourism industry. These credentials, coupled with the functional flexibility and huge growth potential promised by TXGB, led the museum to connect.




TXGB has enabled us to significantly increase our ticketing income by providing an easy to set up system, which was quick and simple to implement…And because TXGB is associated with VisitEngland, it’s easy for us and others to recognise it as a trusted supplier.


Ruark Jon-Stevens
Marketing and Communications Manager




A new Midlands must-see.

Opening up new sales channels for Coventry Transport Museum and making it simpler to manage their entire ticketing system was just the start for TXGB. With access to detailed and real-time reporting, the museum can view their data to draw more powerful insights to inform future programmes and events. As one of the host cities for the Rugby League World Cup and the current UK city of Culture, Coventry’s popularity as a tourist destination is high. By making it easier for visitors to browse, book and pay, TXGB is helping the transport museum tap into this.

And with an exciting programme of interactive and family friendly exhibits ahead, they’re well placed to welcome repeat visitors and curious new fans.