Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen

Internationally renowned culinary experiences that highlight local food and traditional techniques in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Set on the banks of beautiful Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland, Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen offers a unique culinary tourism experience.

From the kitchen of her 18th century thatched cottage, owner Tracey Jeffery gives guests food based experiences that have earned her a five star rating on Tourism NI.

Despite the intimate setting, many of her visitors are international, travelling from numerous countries to learn lessons like how to make her signature soda bread (the traditional way – no measurements required).

These unique, ‘hands-on’ visitor experiences, where guests can roll up their sleeves, meet Tracey’s family and enjoy delicious food also proved popular with ‘staycation’ holidaymakers during the pandemic.



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Tracey Jeffery




Focus and targeting

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