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Thursday August 31, 2023

In peak season, anything that lessens the administrative burden on small tourism businesses is worth its weight in gold.

Here we take a look at the tech we’ve put in place that’s bringing a very human benefit to busy accommodation providers across the UK.

From more traditional B&Bs and individual holiday lets, to glamping sites, shepherd huts and treehouses, Bookalet is an invaluable system for simplifying booking management.

TXGB has teamed up with Bookalet to establish an API connection, allowing suppliers availability and pricing to be shared across multiple sales channels to increase reach and reduce the risk of taking double bookings.

‘This collaboration with Bookalet removes the hassle factor in more ways than one.

‘As well as minimising the chance of overbooking, it automatically updates any changes you make within Bookalet across all channels.

‘But perhaps its most liberating benefit is that it allows businesses to switch from iCal to sharing live availability with more sales channels by using TXGB – knowing that experimenting with different routes to market won’t add even more to their to-do list!’ says TXGB managing director, James Berzins.

Real time updates

Connecting to TXGB via Bookalet improves how accommodation providers work with sales channels and manage bookings, because they are no longer solely reliant on iCal technology.

This less sophisticated approach, when used with some online travel agents (OTAs), only checks available dates every few hours.

The TXGB connection syncs this information in real time.

What’s more, it passes guest information straight into the Bookalet system securely and allows businesses to automatically synchronise property and pricing information across all channels in an instant, something that has to be done manually with an iCal connection.

TXGB has API integrations in-place with most of the leading sales channels, over 100 regional and national destination websites and OTAs to support accommodation businesses in overcoming the well-known issues with inaccuracy and time-intensive admin processes. 

‘We’re proud of our partner network and the way we’re working with the tourism industry’s most celebrated brands to bring about change.’ adds Berzins.

‘What’s even more exciting is that we’ve only really scratched the surface of what’s possible, as we continue to build more connections and come up with exciting and unique  ways to enable a thoroughly modern, more integrated and collaborative tourism industry.’ 

For more information on the benefits of the TXGB and Bookalet visit



Get connected via Bookalet; 

01   Connect to TXGB by completing the ‘Get Started’ form. 

02     In your Bookalet suite / account via the TXGB integration page, click ‘Generate TXGB references button’ which sends the TXGB team the short name details required

03     The TXGB team will now finalise your connection to enable the sharing of live availability and pricing

04     Final step is selecting the channels you wish to work with in the ‘My Channel’s’ section and simply review terms and conditions and opt in.