Letteran Lodges

Letteran Lodges are luxury dwellings located at the foot of Slieve Gallion, offering panoramic views of nature.

Letteran Lodges were constructed during 2021, with guests arriving to stay in the foothills of the spectacular Slieve Gallion mountains in the following summer.

Founder Ryan Donnelly aimed to create a number of luxurious dwellings that would offer the same stunning sunset that farmers had enjoyed for centuries.

When Tourism Northern Ireland introduced him to TXGB, he knew he’d found the technological partner to power all of his online booking needs.

With visitors coming from all over Ireland and the rest of the world, Letteran Lodges has quickly become a hugely popular destination for tranquillity seekers.


Efficiency enabled.

Prior to partnering with TXGB, the Letteran Lodges team handled all bookings manually, sometimes dealing with hundreds of messages per day.

But following the introduction from Tourism NI, the TXGB team took only a few hours to enable real-time availability and pricing information across multiple channels.

And thanks to the total automation resulting from connecting to TXGB, the Letteran Lodges team was able to save countless admin hours, transforming their operations.





We’re halfway between Belfast and Derry – guests come here to take in the panoramic views of five neighbouring counties.

We simply couldn’t operate without TXGB – 100 percent of our bookings have been via the system.


Ryan Donnelly