Increase your occupancy and extend the season.

From boutique hideaways to luxury spa resorts, family run guesthouses to self-catering escapes diversify your distribution or become bookable online for the first time with TXGB.

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Pay nothing until you get an online booking.

You can opt into as many distributors as you like and make as many updates as you want. For each online booking, you pay TXGB a small fee of 2.5% + VAT along with any distributor commission due but only when you get an online booking.

Support your local destination

Low commission, direct bookings.

With connections to over 100 destination websites, TXGB enables accommodation providers to take low commission direct bookings whilst supporting your local destination. With commission levels on average between 0% and 7.5%, be part of smarter regional and national marketing campaigns that are focused on conversion. Drive bookings using your own terms and conditions and have full data ownership.

All the more reasons to connect.

Enable your accommodation business to thrive.
  • Sales analytics
    See how your business is performing online in real time with top-line and in-depth sales analytics. Everything you need for your business to thrive.
  • No booking, no fee
    TXGB works on a simple payment model: join for free and only pay when you receive an online booking through our marketplace.
  • Simple payments

    For direct bookings you’ll receive funds straight into your account. Bookings through on-account distributors are paid according to their own terms.
  • Quick and convenient
    It’s a one-stop exchange where you manage your availability, online distribution, commissions and prices across all booking websites in one easy location.

Getting you connected.

There are two ways for all businesses to connect to the TXGB exchange.

Connect your booking system
TXGB already integrates with numerous accommodation booking systems, including:
See more booking systems connected.
  • I can’t see my booking system

    Don’t worry if your booking system isn’t listed or doesn’t connect, don’t panic – simply use our user-friendly TXLoad facility

Connect to TXLoad
TXLoad is a free basic inventory loading system which offers an entry level way to take bookings on your website, social media profiles and connects you to TXGB.
All our connected 
booking systems.
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This could be you.

A few quotes provided by our wonderful customers.

Still got questions?

Here are some of the top ones we get asked.
  • How much does it cost to use?

    Accommodation providers (ie Hotels, B&Bs, Guesthouses, etc) pay a 2.5% +VAT booking fee to TXGB for booking, and commission to distributors / resellers as agreed when you opt into their channels. Commission rates are clearly displayed as you choose whether to opt-in and the 2.5% plus VAT booking fee is only paid out when a TXGB originated online booking takes place, not before. There’s no cost to register.

  • What size business is TXGB designed for?

    TXGB has been designed to support every form of accommodation business, from the tiniest holiday cottage up to the largest hotel groups. We deal with campsites, holiday lodges, superhosts, B&Bs, you name it.

  • Which payment gateway does TXGB use?


  • What if I don’t have my own website?

    You don’t need a website to link to TXGB but we strongly suggest that you have one. Your website is a really important marketing tool – where consumers will go to look, and often book. You can create booking pages for your own website from the TXGB platform, once you’ve bought a domain name and done some basic website design.

  • What if I don’t have a booking system?

    If you don’t have your own booking system, we can still get you up and running on the part of the system called TXLoad. This allows you to load up your availability and prices manually.

    We recommend that you sign up for a booking system further down the line, but if you don’t have one yet, then TXLoad is a good starting point.

Simple and fair, with no upfront fees

You only pay when you get those all-important online bookings.